Why Independence?

I have long been an advocate for Scottish Independence, because I believe we can be a fairer and more successful nation if the people who live here have their say on what happens here. 

Today we have a government in Westminster that most Scots did not vote for, yet which makes the important decisions that most affect our people.

An Independent Scotland can enjoy greater freedom over our own financial decisions, which will result in more responsible spending and less debt. If Scotland had been allowed to make these decisions for the past 30 years, we would have hypothetically less debt today by a margin of £19 million. If we had the power to lower the corporation tax rate by just 3%, we could generate up to 27,000 new jobs.

We could generate all of our own energy, and with the renewable sources we believe in. We would be able to reject the UK’s stance on nuclear weapons and divorce from Trident, which will save us £250 million annually.

An independent Scotland that can create its own policies can better take care of the people living here.

Scotland is not too small to be independent, and there are many precedents for small nations gaining independence. Scotland is in the middle of the spectrum on state sizes in the world, and bigger than 6 of the 10 countries that joined the European Union in 2004 after recent independence. Our Scandinavian neighbours, similar in size, are able to govern themselves and are as such wealthier than the UK.

With so much potential for energy revenues, resource investments, and tourism and other industries, Scotland’s economic future is more secure than many countries in Europe.

Given the chance, we could become a better governed and more prosperous nation. We have the resources, innovation, and ambition to thrive as an independent country. It is simply better for all of us who live here and care the most about Scotland to be given the chance to determine its future.


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