Why going Dutch will get Scots on their bike

IT could only be described as a bone-shaker, though the logo on the frame proclaimed it to be an “Amazonian”.

I certainly didn’t feel very Amazonian when I got on my first bicycle in 20 years at the weekend.

I wobbled precariously down the very flat Dutch street as seasoned cyclists looked puzzled, if not amused. But it is true that once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget.

After five minutes getting reacquainted with two-wheeled transport, we were off on a 20km round-trip from my daughter’s house in Delft to see the giant windmills in neighbouring Schiedam.

It was a cycle path nearly all the way. When we did share with other traffic, the two-way cycle lane was physically segregated by a barrier.

On the very narrow roads in the historic town centres where we did have to share, bikes had right of way...

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