Why David Cameron and Tony Blair are brothers in arms

IT’S often said that David Cameron models himself on Tony Blair .

The Tory PM admires the former Labour PM’s communications skills and success with Middle England voters.

Cameron described himself as the “heir to Blair” very early on. And someone even coined a term for their strange morphing – Blameronism.

A “spot the difference” analysis of Cameron’s speech to the Tory Party conference this year found key promises on immigration and housing were uncannily similar to the Labour PM’s 10 years before.

Now, we can add the rhetoric of war to the ties that bind these PMs.

Blair claimed in 2003 that Saddam Hussein had the capability to launch weapons of mass destruction within45 minutes.

Cameron similarly claimed 70,000 “good” rebel troops stand ready to overthrow Isis in Iraq just so long as Britain joins the bombing .

Blair’s 45-minute claim was challenged by those who claimed it was used to “sex up” the case for war.

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