We must accept that Brexit makes another independence referendum almost inevitable

WHEN the history of Scotland’s journey towards full independence is written, BBC Question Time will surely merit more than a paragraph.

A special post-Brexit edition of the programme definitely won a few more fans for indyref2.

When Alex Salmond pointed out the democratic abomination of Scotland voting Remain then being dragged out of Europe, he was shouted down.

Tory, Ukip and other Brexiteer panellists joined Birmingham audience members to ridicule this point. 

Scotland was “part of the UK” and would just have to lump it.

But when there was a possibility, last year, that Scotland could have an influence on the UK Government through a deal with Ed Miliband’s Labour, these same people were horrified.

No way could Scotland (in the shape of elected SNP MPs) be allowed to “dictate” to England. Boris Johnson even compared such a scenario to putting the child killer King Herod in charge of a baby farm.

So it doesn’t work both ways. Scotland’s place in the UK is to do what England decides

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