We may have lost the referendum but the arguments for independence remain constant

When this column first appeared five years ago, some people reacted as though Mars Attacks, World War Z and Armageddon had all come at once.

The Unionist political establishment behaved like every disaster movie had morphed into one and stormed the Daily Record citadel in 6in heels.

possibility for Scotland.

The SNP tsunami in the Scottish Parliament election in 2011 meant a referendum on our country’s future was undeniable.

As someone swept into Parliament by that great political wave, after a career in journalism, it was natural for me to advance the arguments in writing.

Being invited to join The Record in 2012 with a remit to make the argument for Scotland as 
a successful independent country was an opportunity like no other. The right paper at the best time.

My previous work as a writer, columnist and editor was with the Herald, The Scotsman and The Sunday Times. I had worked mainly in what was rather patronisingly called “the quality press”, as opposed to the popular press that more people read.

The Daily Record’s readership was far greater than that of any paper I had worked for previously. It had traditionally taken a strong stance against independence and the SNP.

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