WASPI warriors won't be ordered to buzz off

AS monstrous regiments go they make an awesome army.

And witnessing the formation of one of their many battalions was a highlight of my local election campaign.

I’m talking about Waspi –Women Against State Pension Injustice. These are ladies born in the 50s whose retirement age was hiked up with very little warning.

You’ll hear a lot about them in the next few weeks as they march towards their mass day of action on June 29. You can read more about the campaign at www.waspi.co.uk.

Their plight was first highlighted in January by the UK’s youngest MP Mhairi Black.

In a passionate speech to parliament, Mhairi struck a blow for cross-generational solidarity when she asked why money could be found to bomb the Middle East, while older people robbed of a full pension are told there’s “nothing in the pot”.

It hit home when I came face to face with a large group of Waspi women who turned out to see Mhairi in Dumfries . They formed their own D&G WASPI group after hearing her speak.

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