Tories put political gain before children's safety

FRINGE parties get their publicity from jumping on bandwagons.

They don’t much care who’s riding alongside them.

The Tories , despite delusions of grandeur brought on by occasional forays north by David Cameron, are a minor fringe party in Scotland.

This lowly status makes them irresponsible attention seekers.

Their misrepresentation of modest measures to protect children , now dubbed the “named person” legislation, is particularly reckless.

If I asked you if a health visitor or school head teacher or guidance teacher should safeguard the 
wellbeing of the children in their care, I imagine 99 per cent of you would agree.

If I suggested the teacher or health visitor should share concerns about a child’s wellbeing with other professionals – and vice versa – you would see that as common sense.

And if the child or their parents need help and support, they should have a point of contact – a teacher or health visitor seems sensible.

This, in simple language, is the “named person” legislation .

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