Tories now bring up independence at every opportunity to hide their own failings

WHEN are the Tories going to shut up about independence?

It is they, not the SNP, who cannot “move on” from 2014.

After an election campaign in which they talked of little else, they seem set to stay in the same groove throughout the new parliament.

Like infatuated teenagers who just cannot help themselves, they have this huge crush on the constitution that comes spewing out each time they open their mouths.

Nicola Sturgeon won a historic third term on a platform of doubling free childcare, investing in the NHS ahead of inflation, building 50,000 affordable homes and protecting free prescriptions, concessionary travel and university education.

“Let’s end this obsession with independence”, the Tory leader and her pals responded.

Tories return to the referendum even if the topic in hand is school performance, hospital waiting times or the merits of wearing high heels to the office.

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