Tories don't want to see or hear Scotland on Europe ... as Chancellor's surly Scottish Parliament visit proves

I was brought up to believe that guests should be gracious to their hosts.

But Mr Hammond needs to learn some manners.

He failed to display any during his visit to the Scottish Parliament last week.

One member of our staff was told to vacate a lift in parliament so Hammond could use it.

Security was the excuse given. But all workers in the parliament are security cleared.

It seems that Tory ministers like Hammond come with a clutch of flunkies who think their bosses are way too grand to share confined airspace with mere workers.

That’s not how we do things in the Scottish Parliament.

You don’t see Nicola Sturgeon ’s team clearing the lift for the First Minister. She piles in with everyone else and has even been seen queuing in the canteen. And Nicola’s a lot more famous than the colourless Chancellor.

Hammond’s appalling elevator etiquette set the tone for his visit to Scotland. His arrogance towards staff was reflected in his dismissal of Scotland’s 62 per cent remain vote.

Before he even met the First Minister he sought to undermine her, claiming she was “clutching at straws” in trying to keep Scotland in Europe.

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