Time to turn off terror tap by taking Saudis to task for funding fundamentalism

LAST week in this column I said bombing Syria wouldn’t defeat Isis.

So what will?

Bomb a terrorist and 10 more spring from the bloody remains.

So a different tactic is required.

We must end the West’s ­relationship with those who fund Isis, now considered the world’s richest terrorist organisation and valued at £1.3billion.

Some of that money comes from crime – and the illegal sales of oil.

But the United States ­Congressional Research Service have said much of the murderous quasi-state’s budget comes from “private donors” in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait.

We must stem that flow of blood money.

It has long been known that the Saudi regime exports the fanatical creed of Wahhabism through ­religious schools that are set up across the Middle East and beyond.

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