Theresa May will show Thatcher-like military might as she asks government to back £205bn nuclear weapons

DON’T be fooled by those heels. There is nothing kittenish about Theresa May .

Comparing Mrs May with Mrs Thatcher is wrong, of course. Just because they both happen to be female ... and Tory ... and Prime Minister of a deeply divided country.

Those similarities are entirely coincidental. I don’t think.

Theresa May shares Margaret Thatcher’s authoritarian streak. They say she is “flinty”. In fact, she is diamond hard.

Thatcher loved a tank. May will parade her military credentials on a far more lethal weapon next week.

She will ask Westminster to back a new generation of nuclear weapons costing an eye-watering £205billion.

They will replace Trident – Thatcher’s evil offspring.

Of course they will be dumped out of sight – from the Tory shires at least – on the Clyde. That makes Scotland a prime target.

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