The universal truth about Scots Labour's demise leads back to Johann Lamont's disastrous speech in 2012

IT IS fashionable these days to talk about the “tipping point”, when an idea or movement gains so much momentum it becomes unstoppable.

When discussing the dismal fate of Scottish Labour it is more ­appropriate to talk about the ­“tripping point”, when their fall into the abyss began.

It is often supposed that Scottish Labour’s “tripping point” came on September 19, 2014 when disappointed Yes voters turned their backs on the party that campaigned beside the Tories in Better Together.

Labour tumbled into the black hole, losing all but one of their MPs in the process. But many believe the ­tripping point came before the referendum, back in 2012.

Scottish Labour’s leader at the time Johann Lamont made a ­disastrous speech suggesting benefits and public services on which ordinary people rely should be means tested.

Ms Lamont asked whether Scotland was “the only something for nothing society in the world” – a barb aimed at free university tuition, free prescriptions, travel for older people and personal care for the elderly.

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