Scottish Secretary unable to defend our interests following Brexit disaster

THE Secretary of State for Scotland is supposed to be our voice at the heart of the UK Government.

But for a long time he has really been the Tory Government’s chief propagandist in Scotland, a country that has overwhelmingly rejected Conservative policies.

The Scottish Secretary has an entire government department and £50million of our taxpayers money to spread the Tory message. It should be used to advance Scotland’s cause.

David Mundell, Scotland’s only Tory MP and the current Scottish Secretary, was not invited on to Theresa May’s task force aimed at stimulating the economy post-Brexit…this is despite a recent report by the respected Fraser of Allander Institute suggesting Scotland’s economy will take a big hit.

He should have insisted on being represented.

Instead, Mr Mundell said this week he planned to speak to those affected by Brexit in various sectoral groups, presumably things like farming, education, small business, tourism, local government and the like.

He seemed to think this announcement was grounds for congratulation. Instead he showed how late off the starting blocks he is.

He should have started doing this on June 24.

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