Scots feel betrayed after Brexit lies

Are you a Scot who voted leave in the EU referendum? That puts you in a minority north of the border. But take heart, because you have never been more in demand – at least with the Tories.

None of them can make a speech these days without mentioning you.

Likely you are embarrassed by all the attention, I don’t blame you. The reasons you voted leave are beginning to fall apart.

Let’s revisit them.

The promise: Vote Leave and power will come back to the Scottish Parliament.

“Why do you want power to come to Scotland only to give it to Brussels?”, the Leave camp repeatedly asked you.

Some powers which are devolved under Donald Dewar’s 1998 Scotland Act – including farming and the environment – are effectively controlled at EU level. The idea of enhancing Holyrood’s powers in this way was very appealing to some patriotic Scots.

The reality: The Tories want to use Brexit as a “power grab” to take responsibility away from the Scottish Parliament. Ruth Davidson, the Tories voice in Scotland, said in a recent speech some powers over agriculture were better set at UK level – the opposite of what was promised.

The Promise: Fishermen will control their own waters again.

It’s no secret that most Scottish fishermen voted to leave. The UK’s fishing grounds were opened up to vessels from across Europe by the Common Fisheries Policy.

When Britain joined the EU back in 1971, the UK signed away the fishing grounds, claiming they were “expendable”. They were then cruelly used as a bargaining chip by UK negotiators.

The people of the north-east fishing communities most affected are staunch SNP voters but many voted Leave believing they could keep the Spaniards and others out of their grounds.

The Reality: Theresa May mentioned fishing in her Lancaster House speech. But not Scottish fishermen.

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