Scots deserve an apology over oil, not to be mocked by both Tories and Labour

IT WAS a sickening sight.

Triumphant Tories guffawed on the Westminster green benches as George Osborne made cheap jibes about the falling oil price and its effect on Scotland.

Aberdonians watching the speech asked what was so funny. Economic activity in the city is down and folk are fearful for their future.

But Tory MPs saw only saw a chance to attack the SNP and mock Scotland.

Then Labour followed suit.

At First Minister’s Questions on Thursday, Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdalefocused entirely on oil, appearing to blame the SNP for its falling price.

Sorry Kez, but we’re not in OPEC in case you hadn’t noticed.

It was a bizarre line of questioning. Where are Labour’s priorities?

Scotland has been dealt a six per cent budget cut by Osborne.

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