Scotland must seize chance to reject the well-oiled Tory machine in general election or we will pay

Perpetual Tory Government. Hell on earth. Eternal damnation in a bottomless pit of austerity.

This is what Theresa May’s announcement means for Scotland... unless, of course, we tell her now is not the time.

The vicar’s daughter didn’t mention fire and brimstone when she stood outside Downing Street and revealed that she’d been lying all along when she repeatedly said there would be no general election.

She even made a false confession to the sainted Andrew Marr, for God’s sake. Maybe breaking the ninth commandment about bearing false witness (telling fibs) doesn’t count on telly.

There was no reference to all those earlier lies in her announcement yesterday. There was no devil in the detail at all. It was just a great yawning, hypocrisy-defining U-turn.

The general election is nothing to do with opposition to Brexit in parliament, for all May’s oleaginous insistence.

Labour have already capitulated on Brexit by not voting against Article 50 in the Commons.

The real opposition at Westminster – the SNP – saw their repeated attempts to thwart that legislation steam-rollered time and again by the dominant English Tories, sometimes abetted by Labour.

The real reason for the general election U-turn is found not in parliament, but in the opinion polls. These show, in England only, May with a large lead over Jeremy Corbyn.

The average of five polls in April gave the Tories 42.6 per cent, while Labour trailed on 25.4 per cent. In some
individual polls, that Tory lead rises to 20 percentage points.

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