Ruth Davidson urged PM to protect LGBT rights in dirty deal with DUP yet remains silent over sectarianism

If you are a gay person worried about the Tory deal with the homophobic Ulstermen, don’t worry, Ruth’s got it sorted.

That’s because the Scottish Tory leader is herself gay and told the Prime Minister that her human rights must be bomb-proofed in the dirty deal with the DUP.

But if you are Catholic or Irish and worry about sectarianism and peace in Northern Ireland, you can go hang.

Right enough, did you ever expect it? The Scottish Tory Party contain elected members who have expressed what appeared to be anti-Catholic views, including past members of Davidson’s staff.

She was condemned during the General Election for seeming to exploit tensions in Northern Ireland with her Twitter attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, including a bizarre comment that making peace was an insult to British soldiers.

Of course, it is correct to condemn the Democratic Unionist Party’s bigoted record on LGBT rights and opposition to equal marriage.

But this is not the only objectionable prejudice nursed by the party founded by Ian Paisley. The most devastating recent analysis of the DUP comes from Northern Ireland Conservatives.

Roger Lomas, the chairman of the Fermangh and Tyrone Conservative Association said: “If this arrangement continues, there won’t be a Roman Catholic in England, Scotland or Wales that’ll be voting Conservative next time around.

“This isn’t like getting into bed with the Ulster Unionists – May is hooking up with triumphalist, sectarian extremists who pretend to be modernising – we are not happy.”

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