Prostate Cancer Charity Bowls Scotland Championships

That the Parliament congratulates Bowls Scotland for attracting up to 10,000 visitors to the recent Prostate Cancer Charity Bowls Scotland Championships at the National Centre for Bowling, Northfield, Ayr.

Notes that the 114 year old championships were this year for the first time held under the auspices of Bowls Scotland, formed after the successful merger of the men’s and women’s games; congratulates the newly merged organisation on its partnership with the Prostate Cancer Charity; acknowledges the important role this will play in raising awareness of an illness which can be successfully treated if detected early; further acknowledges lawn bowling as a sport played by 90,000 men and women in communities across the country and welcomes the efforts of Bowls Scotland in promoting a sport in which we excel internationally and which has a vital role in keeping people of all ages physically fit as well as socially active.

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