Ordinary people are putting heartless David Cameron to shame

MOOL is my word of the week.

It stands for “Massive Outpouring Of Love” and was invented by my friends Moxie DePaulitte and Tabitha Mudaliar to describe their charity drive to help refugees.

Like millions of other people, Moxie and Tabi were shocked by the photograph of little Aylan Kurdi, drowned with his mother and brother while trying to reach safety.

The two women decided to do something about it.

They launched an appeal in their home area of Dumfries and Galloway for warm clothing, bedding, food and tents. All are needed by desperate people huddled on the beaches of Greece and the motorway verges of central Europe.

But a Massive Outpouring of Love is not confined to Dumfries and Galloway or Scotland. MOOL is global.

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