Opinion polls are important but most vital survey right now is Fairer Scotland

With almost two thirds of Scots set to vote for her next year in the Holyrood elections, Nicola Sturgeon could be forgiven for kicking off her glossy stilettos and putting her feet up.

But there is absolutely no chance of the First Minister reaching for the pipe and slippers – or even the prosecco and and fluffy mules – any time soon.

Because the 62 per cent backing for the SNP in this week’s opinion poll is absolutely no reason to go on slo-mo.

There’s still too much work to do in Scotland for that.

The most important thing happening right now is not opinion polls, satisfying as they might be for the SNP.

It’s a consultation called Fairer Scotland.

You can find it online at www.fairer.scot and it’s one vast listening exercise – led by a man who’s more used to doing the talking, Communities Minister Alex Neil.

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