No wonder the young feel betrayed by Leave vote ... they may see chances of living abroad denied

SINCE my daughter went to study in Delft, our family have done wonders for the pretty Dutch town’s tourist industry.

I’ve visited twice, as has her father and his partner. So too has granny, auntie, sister and countless pals.

We had a great time and Delft’s hotels, restaurants, museums and gift shops were all the better for it.

I can particularly recommend the cheese, local porcelain and Vermeer museum.

And the reverse process will take place for Dutch students here in Scotland.

Relatives and friends of European students will visit Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews, Dumfries and other university towns, bringing their euros with them.

It is estimated that EU students bring £17million into the Scottish economy.

I suspect that’s an underestimate as it’s difficult to calculate the contribution of family visits.

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