New Scottish system will ensure disabled people's Human Rights aren't violated

Disabled people have their human rights violated every day in this country.

That’s the verdict of an influential United Nation’s Committee investigating the effects of the UK Government’s welfare cuts.

A motion in the Scottish Parliament from MSP Christina McKelvie draws attention to the UN bombshell and asks the UK to assess its “reforms” and find out the detrimental impact they have on people with disabilities.

Can we fix it though? Powers over social security are coming to Scotland and how we use them will say a lot about us as a nation.

The SNP have vowed the Scottish system will be based on dignity and respect and parliament will debate the matter today.

The devolution of social security powers was hammered out, if you remember, by the so-called Smith Commission set up by ex-prime minister David Cameron in 2014.

It decided the Scottish Parliament should get control of just 15 per cent of the total social security spend in Scotland – £2.7billion.

It is vital that the system we design works for those who have been failed by the UK.

A new Social Security Bill is planned next year and an extensive consultation has been held.

But the Scottish Government plan to go further and involve those who receive the current benefits in shaping the new system.

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