South of Scotland MSP Joan McAlpine has called on pensioners in her constituency to vote Yes this Thursday – to ensure that their grandchildren are given the opportunities denied to previous generations in Scotland.

Ms McAlpine reiterated Scottish Government guarantees that in an Independent Scotland public sector pension rights and entitlements will be fully protected and paid in full  - and that private pensions will continue to be paid as at present and will not be affected by Scotland becoming Independent. 


 The SNP MSP highlighted ‘ten pensions reasons for a Yes vote’, including the continuation of the triple lock – which ensures pension payments rise in line with inflation, earnings or 2.5% - which will be abolished by Westminster after 2016.

Ms McAlpine commented:

“Scotland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but for too many people - including many older people - it doesn’t feel that way. Under Westminster rule, the state pension is second lowest in the developed world.

“We know that Scots’ pensions are legally guaranteed - and even the UK Government’s Pensions Minister has confirmed that they will be protected in an independent Scotland.

“Independence is an opportunity to give our older people the retirement they deserve - whether it is ensuring the state pension rises in line with the cost of living; maintaining savings credit, which is being scrapped by Westminster; or reviewing Westminster’s unfair plans to raise the state retirement age to 67.

“But crucially, independence is also an opportunity for the young people of today - and we are urging pensioners to vote Yes and unlock the wealth of opportunity for future generations.

“Independence is the opportunity to turn Scotland into a fairer and more prosperous society - reindustrialising Scotland for the future and creating more job opportunities for young people.

“Vote Yes, and put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands - in the hands of your children and your grandchildren.”

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