MSP supports Clark's Little Ark


An MSP is pressing Scottish Power to help get electricity to a local animal sanctuary's premises.

Joan McAlpine pledged her long term support to Clark’s Little Ark after a visit to the sanctuary last year.

Ms McAlpine hosted the site visit with Scottish Power to discuss options to create a new and affordable connection for the sanctuary.

The South Scotland member was delighted when two companies – Portakabin of Hamilton and Wernick of Coatbridge – responded to her request for help sourcing accommodation for a chemical toilet, a shelter for visitors and volunteers and a storage unit.

The next stage is to secure an affordable electricity connection.
The volunteers have been so impressed with Joan efforts they named one of the sanctuary’s ducks after her.

She said:

“It was lovely to meet Joan the duck today – it has been a privilege helping out and I’m honoured that the team at Clark’s Little Ark named her after me.

“The meeting with Scottish Power went well and I’m hopeful that we can find an affordable solution to get electricity into the premises.

“Alison and her volunteers do such fantastic work and I’m keen to get things moving for them as quickly as possible.”

Picture shows Joan with Alison Shankly.


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