MSP commends Mini-Me Statues



It used to be just royalty and generals who got their own statues.

Now anyone can be preserved for posterity thanks to a 3-D printing venture here in Dumfries.

One of the first customers at in Buccleuch Street was MSP Joan McAlpine, who was scanned at the invitation of the owner, Jonathan Robertson.

The SNP member agreed to pose as part of a drive to support small local businesses through Christmas Shopping.

She said:

“I was really impressed by the whole process – Jonathan talked me through what he was going to do, and he had taken the scan for the figurine in about 30 seconds.

“The Mini-Mes are a really unique product, and would make fantastic gifts - Jonathan does vouchers.

“It’s great that we have such a unique business right here in Dumfries. I am not aware that it's on offer in any other Scottish high street.

"It was strange seeing myself set in stone, or a kind of shiny porcelain to be exact.

"But I can think of quite a few folk - not just politicians - who would kill for a Mini-Me.  I understand Jonathan can do full length scans too - but I decided to pass on that one! "

Jonathan said:

"It's great to see a politician taking an interest in a local business.

“We are rolling out a technology which has the potential to be as ground-breaking as the advent of photography."

To find out more or book an appointment visit:

Pictured: Joan with Jonathan Robertson.

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