MSP calls on UK Government to abolish Bedroom Tax

Following the publication of new figures from the DWP showing that 1,489 people would have been affected by the so-called Bedroom Tax in Dumfries and Galloway, Joan McAlpine MSP has called on the UK Government to immediately abolish the “unfair charge”.

Commenting, South of Scotland MSP Joan McAlpine said:

“These new figures highlight the shocking impact the Bedroom Tax could have had on families in Dumfries and Galloway –1,489 people in our region would have been affected if the SNP Government had not provided the money to mitigate this unfair charge."

The Scottish Government has committed £90 million since the introduction of the Bedroom Tax to ensure it is fully mitigated in Scotland.

Ms McAlpine said:

“Unfortunately there has been no such relief for families in England and Wales. The Labour Government in Wales has refused to follow the example set by the SNP in Scotland.

“The SNP has consistently opposed the Bedroom Tax and is committed to abolishing the charge when the Scottish Parliament has the powers to do so.

“The UK Government must recognise the impact of this brutal levy on families across England and Wales - and on public finances in Scotland. The only fair solution is to abolish the charge outright.”

The UK Government will outline its spending plans later this month.

Ms McAlpine commented:

“Instead of compounding the Tories’ “nasty party” image, George Osborne should take the opportunity to protect the poorest and abolish the hated Bedroom Tax.”

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