College Waiting Lists - The Final Report Welcomed

That the Parliament welcomes the Scottish Government's recent publication, College Waiting Lists – The Final Report;

considers that the report entirely debunks opposition claims that around 21,000 people are on college waiting lists; understands that the combined waiting lists submitted by the seven colleges in the study contained 12,866 applications but with further analysis this was only 6,655 unique applicants; further understands that of these 6,655 the follow-up survey identified only 500 who said that they were still interested in a place at college; understands that these applicants represent 4% of the combined waiting list submitted by the seven colleges; considers that evidence from colleges shows that waiting lists are used by colleges to manage the process of filling places rather than as a count to reflect the number of people waiting for a place, and hopes that the issue is now cleared up and that these data can be collected in a way that serves young people and is not used for political ends.

Supported by: Nigel Don, Mike MacKenzie, Gordon MacDonald, Kenneth Gibson, George Adam, Adam Ingram, Rob Gibson, Richard Lyle, Stuart McMillan, Kevin Stewart, Dennis Robertson, Gil Paterson, Christina McKelvie, Colin Beattie, Jean Urquhart, Stewart Maxwell, Jamie Hepburn, David Torrance, Annabelle Ewing, Dave Thompson

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