Concern Over Sanquhar Post Office

That the Parliament notes with concern the recent call by the Royal Mail to close the mail delivery office in Sanquhar;

notes and welcomes the decision by the Post Office not to close it in the interim, but understands that the threat remains as the request can be repeated; understands that Sanquhar Post Office, which marked its tercentennial anniversary in 2012, is the world's oldest working post office; believes that it would be detrimental to the town if it was to close, with the loss of four jobs and the title, and urges the Royal Mail to reconsider its position.

Supported by: George Adam, John Mason, Kevin Stewart, Bill Kidd, Graeme Dey, Roderick Campbell, Aileen McLeod, Chic Brodie, David Torrance, Richard Lyle, Mike MacKenzie, Rob Gibson, Dennis Robertson, Nigel Don, Colin Beattie, Gil Paterson, Maureen Watt, Clare Adamson, Bruce Crawford, Jamie Hepburn, Stuart McMillan, Mark McDonald, Colin Keir, Annabelle Ewing, Dave Thompson, Stewart Maxwell

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