Khalil Dale Wins 2013 Robert Burns Humanitarian Award

That the Parliament welcomes the news that Khalil Dale, a Red Cross worker from Dumfries, has posthumously been awarded the 2013 Robert Burns Humanitarian Award;

notes that the award recognises individuals or groups who have “saved, improved or enriched the lives of others or society as a whole, through personal self-sacrifice, selfless service or ‘hands-on’ charitable work”; recognises Mr Dale’s 30 years of dedicated charity work in Kenya, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and finally Pakistan, and notes that his family has donated the £1,800 that accompanies the award to the Khalil Dale Memorial Fund.

Supported by: John Finnie, Annabelle Ewing, Jackie Baillie, Roderick Campbell, Hanzala Malik, Rob Gibson, Alison Johnstone, Adam Ingram, David Stewart, Angus MacDonald, Elaine Murray, Stuart McMillan, Kenneth Gibson, Mike MacKenzie, Dennis Robertson, Aileen McLeod, Kevin Stewart, John Mason, Richard Lyle, Bill Kidd, Jim Hume, Colin Beattie, Jamie Hepburn, Nigel Don, Jean Urquhart, Gil Paterson, Colin Keir, David Torrance, Maureen Watt, Clare Adamson, Hugh Henry, Dave Thompson, Stewart Maxwell, Mark McDonald

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