Motion S4M-05112

That the Parliament notes the decision of Maria Miller, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, not to block the renewal of Channel 3 television licences in 2014;

understands and welcomes that this means that STV will continue to hold the licences for central Scotland and Grampian; expresses concern that ITV, which holds the Channel 3 licence for the former Border Television area, has limited public service content obligations; understands that local news in the Borders and Dumfries and Galloway comes mainly from Gateshead; notes that recent Ofcom research reports dissatisfaction in the area with the ITV local coverage; welcomes Ms Miller’s acknowledgement of the deficiencies in ITV’s local and Scottish news coverage in the Border Television region in her letter to Ofcom of 16 November 2012; further welcomes Ms Miller’s request that Ofcom work with ITV plc to find a solution, and would welcome real choice for viewers across the south of Scotland.

Supported by: George Adam, Aileen McLeod, Brian Adam, Dennis Robertson, Willie Coffey, Gordon MacDonald, Bill Kidd, Annabelle Ewing, Stuart McMillan, Kevin Stewart, Colin Beattie, David Torrance, Patricia Ferguson, Mike MacKenzie, John Mason, Chic Brodie, Angus MacDonald, Jean Urquhart, John Finnie, Bruce Crawford, Richard Lyle, Jamie Hepburn, Christina McKelvie, Roderick Campbell, Gil Paterson, Christine Grahame, Mark McDonald, Nigel Don, Colin Keir, Elaine Murray

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