McAlpine welcomes £500m business fund

A local MSP has welcomed a £500m business fund unveiled by Nicola Sturgeon in this week’s Programme for Government.

Joan McAlpine, who convenes the Scottish Parliament’s Europe Committee said that a renewed focus on bolstering the economy was needed to combat the uncertainty caused by Brexit.

The fund will offer individual investment guarantees, and some loans, of up to £5m to small and medium sized firms who would otherwise be unable to grow because of a lack of investment finance

The First Minister announced a raft of other measures to bolster the economy - including a £100m capital stimulus programme.

As well as the economy, making our education system the best in the world will be another key focus of the SNP government - with pilot schemes to reduce childcare costs for low income families and empowering schools to raise attainment among the initiatives outlined this week.

Commenting, the South Scotland MSP said:

"The opposition parties have been complaining that the SNP are focussing on independence, but I think it is they who seem obsessed.

"This programme for government proves beyond doubt that we are 'getting on with the job.'

"The SNP is focused on creating a more prosperous country with opportunities for all - and also mindful of the need to alleviate the uncertainty caused by the disastrous Brexit vote caused by the Tories.

"Education and the economy are the backbone of the country - I'm sure we can all agree on that.

"The measures outlined in this week's Programme for Government are to be welcomed."

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