Labour and Tories set a trap for Scotland as they vote against handing Holyrood power over universal credit

WE are all against tax credit cuts in Scotland, right? And being against them, we will do everything in our power to stop them, right?

Wrong, say the Labour Party . On Monday at Westminster , Labour voted with the Tories against giving the Scottish Parliament power over the system that will deliver tax credits in future – universal credit.

The logical conclusion is that Labour believe empowering the Scots is a greater evil than cutting a vital lifeline to low-income families.

This week’s events have been like Back to the Future with Better Together. They hate the SNP more than they hate injustice.

This is not the listening Labour Party we were promised by Jeremy Corbyn.

A listening Labour Party would deduce that, by voting for 56 SNP MPs in May, the people of Scotland wanted a stronger voice and real power.

But Labour have opposed all SNP attempts to deliver that real power to Scotland.

If they had stood with the SNP against the Tories, we could force George Osborne to climb down on tax credits altogether.

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