Joan welcomes the campaign to Parliament

Yesterday morning, I met with Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs, and representatives from the Scottish music industry, to build momentum for the campaign to save the radio show "Introducing Scotland".

The BBC has launched a plan to restructure its programming, titled ‘Delivering Quality First’. Plans include ending the radio show Introducing In Scotland, which has already been bumped to the time slot of Sunday night from midnight to 2am.

My meeting this morning featured a wide range of musicians and professionals in the Scottish music industry. These fine artists are all on board for the campaign, given the support Introducing Scotland has given them in their professional careers. The radio station prides itself in featuring undiscovered young musicians, and, and in fact has helped so many young Scottish artists launch their careers. It has featured Scottish artists from Paolo Nutini to Franz Ferdinand to Carly Connor.  

‘Introducing Scotland’ has created countless jobs in the music industry and is an essential boost to Scotland’s creative sector.  


From left to right: Brendan Moon, manager for Carly Connor and Paolo Nutini; DJ Taz; Joan McAlpine MSP; DJ Proficee; Fiona Hyslop MSP; Andrew Tactus, Abaga Record Label; singer Carly Connor; and Paul Downie, music promoter for Pelmet Nites (photo credit: Gail Lythgoe)



From left to right: singer Carly Connor; Joan McAlpine MSP; and Paul Downie, music promoter for Pelmet Nites (photo credit: Gail Lythgoe)


Find out more about "Introducing Scotland", and sign the petition:

Join the facebook group to save the show here.

I also encourage you to make a submission directly to the BBC’s Public Consultation.

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