Joan Praises Dumfries Community Choir's Performance at Edinburgh Castle

Dumfries Community Choir stunned audiences at Edinburgh Castle last week when they travelled en masse to perform at the Brave@Heart awards hosted by The First Minister Alex Salmond.

Mr Salmond heard the choir sing in Dumfries High Street during a visit last year to the local parliamentary office of MSPs Joan McAlpine and Aileen McLeod. He joined in their singing and then invited the choir, led by the Electric Theatre’s Graham Main, to perform at the castle.

Joan McAlpine MSP, who also attended the Brave@Heart awards said:

“We have been trying to set up a suitable date for almost a year now. The awards recognise the bravery of ordinary citizens and members of the emergency services, so the choir was perfect for the occasion and their songs, including a stunning rendition of Titanium, really captured the audience attention.

“One of the reasons it’s taken a while to arrange is the rapid growth of the choir. When the First Minister sang with them last year, they were around 20 odd strong. Now they number over 100 and rehearse several days a week. The choir is a fantastic demonstration of the talent people have within themselves, and how coming together with others is often the best way to bring it out.”

“I am sure this is the first of many high profile national performances for the choir, who impress everyone who hears them.”

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