Party is full steam ahead on delivering for Scotland.. despite Westminster cutbacks

A COUPLE of weeks ago I got chatting to a woman from my home area of Inverclyde.

She was married to a worker at Ferguson’s shipyard in Port Glasgow which was threatened with closure until engineering entrepreneur Jim McColl rode to the rescue.

I don’t know the woman’s political affiliations.

But when I mentioned I was an SNP MSP, there was no holding her back.

It was Alex Salmond who got Jim McColl to buy the yard. He saved all their jobs, you tell him thanks.”

Of course Mr McColl didn’t become one of our most successful businessmen by making sentimental decisions.

But it was the First Minister who drew his attention to the yard and its potential – the two men share a love of getting things done.

That drama took place this summer. The referendum campaign was in full swing. Yet according to the unionist parties, Scotland was “on pause” then.

Correction – according to the Tory, Labour and Lib Dem anti-SNP alliance, we have been “on pause” since 2011…to read the full article click here.

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