Why Westminster does not work for Scotland

Westminster does not work for Scotland.

That is something we must all remember as we make ready for another vote on our people’s future.

This is not about Europe. The EU referendum was just the trigger.

It is about democracy and the complete and utter failure of the current UK state to treat Scotland as an equal partner.

In a “successful union” or even a “precious union”, one partner does not ride roughshod over the other partner’s wishes.

There’s supposed to be give and take. There’s been no give by Theresa May since 62 per cent of Scots voted to remain in Europe.

She has ignored Nicola’s Sturgeon’s compromise offer – backed by other parties – to find a “differentiated” solution to allow Scotland to stay in the EU single market.

So no give – and now a threat to take.

May and the Tories have made it clear that they will use Brexit to mount a smash-and-grab raid on the powers of the Scottish Parliament.

Holyrood backed the wishes of Scotland’s people and voted against triggering article 50.

It was ignored too by Theresa May.

So, too, were Scotland’s MPs in the Westminster Parliament.

Only one out of the 56 of them – the sole Tory – voted in favour of triggering article 50. The rest voted against. Again, ignored.

It is often said by British unionists that Scotland has its say through the Westminster parliament.

In 2015, on a record turnout, Scotland returned SNP members to 56 out of 59 of our allocated seats in the House of Commons. The SNP won half of all the votes cast.

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