Jeremy Corbyn is tuned into the present and is not a blast from the past

JEREMY Corbyn is just too old-fashioned to lead the Labour Party, according to his rivals. His are the ideas of the past.

That’s a bit rich coming from people who don’t appear to have a single new idea to rub between the three of them.

Burnham, Cooper and Kendall all came of age, politically speaking, under Tony Blair’s New Labour, which seems increasingly out of time.

New Labour’s moment was that stunning general ­election landslide in 1997. But that moment has passed.

Back then, Blairites seemed novel, shiny and up to the minute.

But a lot has changed since 1997.Things that seemed cool now look dated.

Back in 1997 koosh balls (what happened to them?) were all the rage.

We couldn’t get enough of Bryan Adams and The Spice Girls. Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance was the hottest ticket in town.

For my 18-year-old daughter – born weeks after Blair’s victory – these are all ancient history. And so is he.

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