It's as though 'Pantomime President' Donald Trump never left the world of reality TV

2013-03-27_daily_record_thumbnail.jpg“Doesn’t this guy have anything better to do with his life?”

The Trump comment on the silly supreme leader of North Korea could just as easily apply to The Donald himself.

Just as the ridiculous Kim Jong-un was firing rockets at gawd knows who, the equally absurd president of the United States was firing punches at his perceived enemies in the media.

Bringing his office into disrepute is a hallmark of the Trump ­presidency. But the feelings of disgust he generates reached a low this week with the spoof wrestling video in which he appears to pulverise a man representing CNN, the global news network.

For some, it was the latest ­manifestation of a ratings-driven pantomime presidency which is indistinguishable from the reality TV world he once dominated. For others, it is far more sinister – an incitement to violence against the media and, by extension, anyone who stands up against him.

Criticising journalists is ­something many politicians succumb to on occasions. But government leaders posting videos of them being attacked for public entertainment is ­unprecedented in mature democracies.

The spoof video Trump chose to share with his 33million followers came from a source which is indeed hostile to tolerant, liberal ­democractic values.

The offensive video came from an internet user who regularly posts racist material and calls for violence against Muslims.

This subscription account is known as r/The_Donald, so it is run by one of the president’s unpleasant army of admirers.

According to research by the BBC, one post on the site, which has 440,000 subscribers, shows CNN employees with the star of David next to their heads – antisemitic by anyone’s measure.

Followers of the site have ­speculated that Trump himself must read it, as how else would he have obtained the offending video or “meme”? Reading his online fan mail is the kind of narcissism we have come to expect from this president.

The CNN response speaks for many Americans who cringe daily at the antics of their clown-in-chief.

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