In the grey 70s David Bowie was a splash of colour

DAVID Bowie may have passed from this world but he is, of course, immortal.

My best friend from school texted me when she heard, with a memory.

Two schoolgirls in mid-70s Scotland, huddled beside a twin bar electric fire in her bedroom, playing her older sister’s copy of Diamond Dogs over and over again on a mono record player.

Then switching to Hunky Dory. Rebel Rebel was my track at the time. But there are so many others...

I think we were in that bedroom when her young brother came upstairs with news that Elvis was dead. The Thin White Duke was up there with Elvis and Sinatra as the most influential white singers of the modern age.

There’s a good reason why David Bowies’s death dominated the news, pushing political resignations well down the pecking order.

He was more than a rock star. He was an artist of incredible significance.

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