If you want a Labour Government in Westminster you should vote SNP

If you want to see a Labour government, vote SNP.

That’s the stark advice being given to Scots from a clutch of online tactical “calculators”, including www.progressivealliance.org.uk .

You key in your postcode and they tell you which party to vote for to beat the Tories. In all but two
Scottish seats, that party is the SNP.

And if you want to make sure any future UK Government – Labour or Tory – is fair to Scotland, that strong SNP vote is essential.

Yesterday, the Labour First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones said his party would scrap the Barnett formula which gives Scotland an above population share of public spending (though less than the actual tax we send to London).

The problem is that days before the independence referendum in 2014, Labour and the Conservatives both signed a Vow promising the Barnett formula stayed in place.

So while we all hope Jeremy Corbyn will beat the Tories in England, we still need strong Scottish voices at Westminster.

Also, here in Scotland, a split in the anti-Tory vote could let a Conservative in by default.

Do you want to wake up on Friday morning with another Tory government because of a tiny number of gains in Scotland, of all places? The shame of it!

That’s why voters must back the SNP. This point was underlined this week by the left-leaning, Labour-supporting, Guardian newspaper who hailed Nicola Sturgeon as a progressive leader.

A strong SNP showing could be very helpful if Corbyn just fails to gain a majority of English seats.

Nicola has made it crystal clear her MPs will support a Labour government’s policies.

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