Theresa May must respect Scotland's anti-Brexit position

So the starting gun has fired on a second independence referendum. Or perhaps not …

Nicola Sturgeon told the SNP conference that a draft Bill on a second referendum would be published this week.

It will be put out to consultation – like every other piece of legislation.

But that doesn’t mean it will definitely happen.

The SNP have a mandate to hold another referendum if Scotland is pulled out of the EU against its will.

That was in our manifesto for the Holyrood elections in May.

But the First Minister has said a referendum is a last resort.

It can be avoided if the UK Government allow Scotland to retain the benefits of EU membership – even as part of the UK.

This has to include being part of the European single market.

That also means free movement of people.

We also need substantial powers devolved to our Scottish Parliament over workers’ rights, currently guaranteed by the EU. If Brexit happens, those powers will revert to a perpetually Tory Westminster.

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