Here's why the Eton elite fear a Scottish Westminster invasion

“PANIC on the streets of London,” is a famous line from a song by The Smiths.

Now it’s used to described the right-wing press overreaction to the SNP unstoppability.

Morrissey would no doubt approve – he backed a Yes vote last year.

The Tory Prime Minister is panicking. He lost his cool on Andrew Marr’s TV show when talk turned to Scotland. “These people,” as he called the SNP , would – shock horror – favour Scotland if they had any power at Westminster.

He leads a government who have one MP in Scotland but still dictate to us. We have never had a say… until now.

For the Tories, Scotland having power in “their” parliament is Armageddon come early. David Cameron is shaking in his Gucci loafers at the very thought...

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