Get shot of Trident and save us a bomb

WHEN William Wilberforce campaigned against the horrors of the slave trade, he met with the jobs argument too.

Buying human beings and working them till they died of exhaustion was a moral abomination. It also provided thousands of jobs in shipping and shipbuilding, in the selling and processing of sugar, coffee tobacco and much more.

Fortunately, the ethical, not the economic, argument won the day. There is a direct parallel here with nuclear weapons. The moral argument obliterates all others. These devices are designed for the sole purpose of destroying lives. Strangely, that horror doesn’t get a lot of coverage these days.

Our parents’ generation campaigned against the arrival of Polaris on the Clyde back in the 1950s. We had all seen television pictures of the consequences of the 1945 attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki...

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