First Minister Nicola Sturgeon brings top record to the table ahead of Scottish Parliament election

NICOLA Sturgeon picked up a ping-pong bat during a school visit this week.

It was a photo opportunity less nimble politicians might balk at.

But it was symbolic. Over the next few months, up until the Scottish Parliament elections in May, we will see lots of political ping-pong.

Despite what will be thrown at the SNP from the united Labour-Tory-Lib Dem opposition, Sturgeon is in fighting form.

Scotland’s budget will have been cut by 12.5 per cent under the Tories. But despite that, the record looks good.

Take education, a particular passion for the First Minister.

Her predecessor Alex Salmond quoted poet Robert Burns when he said, “the rocks will melt with the sun” before students in Scotland are charged tuition fees.

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