EU and UK, two unions that are worlds apart

WHY do you want to come out of one union to enter another? It’s a question I occasionally get asked on the doorsteps. The answer now is the same as it has always been.

The European Union is a very different beast from the union that is the United Kingdom.

The EU is a partnership of equals. It involves 28 different member states who must negotiate a delicate balance to reach decisions.

The UK is dominated by one constituent part whose powerful elite use their numerical dominance to dictate to the others. That is why we must stay in the EU.

Without some element of ­protection from Europe, people in Scotland will be at the mercy of an extreme right-wing Westminster government.

In the area of employment rights alone, workers can thank Europe for minimum paid annual leave, ­maternity rights, parental rights and safeguards for agency workers.

EU health and safety directives are tougher than at UK level and ­pressure is often put on ­Westminster to get into line.

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