Establishment cannot wish away size of Yes vote.. or expectations of those that voted No

HARRY POTTER author JK Rowling was the biggest single donor to the No campaign.

But she did not put her £1million behind no change. On September 6, Ms Rowling told her 3.7million Twitter followers: “I’m voting No then supporting anyone who’ll give us devo max.”

Four days later JK again tweeted: “In the event of a No vote we are now being offered home rule plus economic advantages of union. #bettertogether #indyref.”

Presumably she believed a No vote would give Scotland full control over everything except foreign affairs and defence.

That is what home rule and devo max have always meant and JK is an intelligent woman who would understand that.

Will she get her money back if the unionist parties fail to deliver on their promises?

And what of the voters who gave the unionists their trust, just as JK Rowling gave her money? Read the full article here.

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