Eagle's hawks keep Labour pro-nuclear

YESTERDAY was an historic day for Scotland.

Labour and the SNP united in the Scottish Parliament to vote against the renewal of Trident – on which a decision will soon be taken by the UK Government.

The main objection is moral.

A fully armed Trident submarine has 192 times the destructive capacity of the Hiroshima bomb. The world would not survive such a strike, so the bombs can never be used.

Unused is still unsafe. MoD figures show that from 2009 until 2014, the Faslane base on the Clyde had 316 “nuclear safety incidents”, 71 fires and more than 3000 “near-miss industrial accidents”.

Two years ago, the Guardian newspaper revealed internal MoD assessments which concluded it would be too dangerous relocating the subs to Devonport because of the risk to Plymouth’s population.

Why then place their base 25 miles from Scotland’s largest city (and just six miles from my own home town of Gourock)?

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