Dropping bombs is not the way to stop ISIS or prevent terrorists from striking again

WE are all quite rightly appalled at the mass murder in Paris.

But we should not be surprised.

It is just over 10 years since the London bombings killed 52 and injured 700 ordinary commuters going to work. We said then: “How can it happen here?”.

But it did and it’s happening again in France.

A year before London, a planned attack on the Madrid train system killed 191 people and injured more than 1800


In 2008, Mumbai was paralysed when 10 young men in military fatigues and backpacks full of ammunition gunned down civilians in hotels and railway stations – 166 people died.

I could detail many more attacks – the Bali nightclub bombings, school and theatre sieges in Russia, the Tunisian beach resort horror.

These tragedies are not ordered by one central command that can be taken out. The so-called Islamic State is certainly exporting terrorism but it is far from being the only source of evil.

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