DGMA Report

Local newspapers in Dumfries and Galloway today report a confidential investigation into Dumfries and Galloway Multicultural Association that describes a litany of failure. For the avoidance of doubt, I am sharing that report  here. Today in the press DGMA’s “Chief Executive” tries to deny all. He cannot deny the devastating content of this report by a senior council director, Steve Rogers, who consulted widely among DGMA’s own funders. DGMA’s management is described in it as “woeful”, “aggressive” and “inward looking” and not meeting the needs of those it is supposed to serve. We have to ask: “Who exactly is DGMA being run to benefit?” As the report itself says: “There is a view that an important job needs to be done – to be the voice of ethnic, religious and cultural minorities and it (DGMA) is simply not doing that.”


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