Desperate Labour are left with no tax credit

SCOTTISH Labour’s planned tax hike on workers has got a big thumbs down a fortnight into its life.

Almost two out of three people – 64 per cent – think it’s wrong.

The penny in the pound whizz was supposed to be the party’s big shiny idea for the Scottish election. But it popped like a balloon as soon as it was inspected closely.

This is not because people in Scotland are too mean to pay more tax for public services. They are fair-minded folk. But they expect tax to be fair too – which this one most certainly is not.

It cannot be fair that 500,000 pensioners will be forced to pay tax.

And it’s just plain wrong to impose additional tax on more than 50,000 low-paid workers.

In a debate in Parliament last week, MSPs set the rate of income tax for the first time, voting to keep it the same.

Labour made a meal of their decision to raise the tax to tackle cuts coming from Westminster – Scotland’s budget will fall by £4billion from 2010 to 2020 because of these austerity measures.

But Labour ushered in these UK cuts.

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